Mortgages & Commercial Loans

We are Mortgage Brokers and Packagers. We specialise in Secured loans. Buy-to Let, Commercial loans & Mortgages, Bridging finance and Development loans.

GPS Financial service experts in obtaining commercial mortgages and loans secured against various types of UK commercial /Residential properties. We provide commercial mortgages for most property types:

Our expertise is in solutions for those customers who have difficulty, for whatever reason, in obtaining the finance through their banks or who are struggling to access finance

  • Shops and retail
  • Offices
  • Healthcare – including: Care Homes and Day Nurseries
  • Investment properties – including: Commercial and Holiday Lets
  • Mixed Commercial & Residential
  • Professional Practices – including: Accountants, Dentists, Doctors, Pharmacists, Solicitors and Vets
  • Rural properties – including: Farms, Garden Centres and Livery Stables
  • Factories and industrial
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Leisure – including: pubs, clubs, hotels, guest houses, health spas and restaurants

Whatever your business is or your finance requirements are, we have the experts to assist you in quickly finding the most appropriate and competitive form of finance for your needs.

Buy to let

Clients who are looking for a Buy to Let Mortgage would be those who are either looking to invest their Capital into investment property, to purchase a new long term investment or for landlords looking to refinance their property or portfolio/s.

We are able to offer the following Buy to Let products:

  1. 2.39% 2 year tracker
  2. 2.59% 2 year tracker
  3. 2.99% 2 year fixed rate
  4. 3.24% 2 year fixed rate

Need Unsecured Business Finance?

We offer Short Term Unsecured Business Loans within one week

Terms up to 5 years

Fast Funds typically within 1 week

No early repayment fee.

Type of loans

Secured Loan – the real alternative to remortgaging

A secured loan is a money loan which is secured against an asset you own or part own, and is usually your home. Secured loans, are technically referred to as “second charge loans” , as the first charge when borrowing against as asset such as a house, is usually the mortgage, thus to apply for our secured loans products, you need to have a mortgage in place already.

The amount of money you can borrow on secured loans is usually much greater than any other method of borrowing.

Your secured loan can be repaid over a much longer term.

You will often be accepted for secured loans, even if you have poor credit history.

If you want to raise money for things like home improvements or debt consolidation but it’s too expensive for you to remortgage, a secured loan is an excellent alternative to remortgaging and not expensive.

Typically a Secured Loan is secured on an individual’s own home, however we can also secure on Buy to Let Investment, Semi-Commercial & Commercial property types. This loan can be used for almost any purpose.

Bridging Loan

Bridging Loans are normally taken out when you have a short term requirement or you need to find money very quickly. Bridging loans are normally repaid within 12 months.

The demand from property investors for bridging finance has increased dramatically in the last few years. In the same period mainstream mortgage finance has been squeezed, and the two are correlated. The availability of short-term finance products for property investors has increased greatly over the last few years. Speed – Investors are increasingly using bridging loans as a useful way to expedite the completion of their proposed transaction.

Key features:

  • Bridging available with no proof of income
  • 3 & 6 month discounted bridges
  • Up to 80% LTV available
  • All status profiles accepted including CCJ’s, defaults and arrears
  • Demerits considered
  • First and second charge bridging
  • Up to 24 month terms available
  • Rates from 0.75%
  • Bridging available for limited companies, trusts and partnerships as well as private individuals
  • Capital Repayment or Interest Only options available

Commercial Property Mortgages and Business Loans

A Commercial Mortgage is when a client borrows an agreed amount of money from a lender to purchase a property for business purposes or to raise capital for consolidation/expansion. This is then paid off over a set period at the set rates of the product. Typically this is secured against business premises, however buy to lets, land & 2nd charge residential property is also suitable security.

Our commercial division is a multi-disciplined team of professionals dealing in all aspects of commercial property. Our priority is to understand your business, align with your strategic objectives and deliver real estate solutions that add value to your company. We are constantly innovative, and are rewarded out of the benefit we bring to our clients.

Our market expertise is complemented by in-depth research, to ensure the very best service and results for our clients. Our long-standing relationships with our commercial clients are testimony to the quality of our advice and are recognition that the commercial division is adaptable not only to meet clients’ needs, but also to ever-changing markets.

The commercial team includes specialists in a wide range of industry sectors. This ensures our clients receive tailored advice to their markets, from individuals who truly understand their business requirements.

Please do peruse our commercial services and get in touch with any of our team to discuss how we can help in the future.

Development Finance

Development loans allow you to raise the capital you need to finance a property development project. With a development loan you can move forward with your development and start to make real progress towards your goals.

To provide funds for Land purchases and Development Finance up to 65%- 75% GDV (gross development value).

The typical development loan packages include:

  • New build schemes – usually lend 100% of the construction costs and the percentage lend towards a purchase is agreed individually on each facility, l lend up to 50% of the GDV (gross development value)
  • Refurbishments / conversions – usually lend 100% of the construction costs and the percentage lend towards a purchase is agreed individually on each facility,l lend up to 50% of the GDV (gross development value)
  • Bridging – usually fund 65% of the value

Other Finance Types

Repayments can often be structured based on your actual turnover during the repayment period, so business cash flow is not put under unnecessary pressure. Due to the complexity of this type of funding which requires an understanding of your business activities and how you receive payments from your customers?

We therefore suggest you Contact us.

Overseas and ExPat Borrowers

Whether you are:

  • A British Citizen living abroad
  • Citizen of another EU country
  • Foreign National domiciled or resident almost anywhere else in the world
  • Director, Trustee or Beneficiary of an Offshore Company or Trut

GPS Financial Team could help you purchase or refinance a property in the UK which is, or going to be, rented out.

We can finance residential houses and apartments, either individually or on a portfolio basis, blocks of apartments and most types of commercial premises. Mortgages (known as bonds in some countries) are available up to 75% of valuation with rates from just 2.25% above 3 month LIBOR rate.

We therefore suggest you contact us.


Please do peruse our commercial services and get in touch with any of our team to discuss how we can help in the future.