Who We are

We are specialist Finance Provider and directly authorised by Financial Conduct Authority ( FCA), which means we can offer you and your clients a wide range of products solutions. As a comprehensive specialist mortgage packager, we can offer you a variety of products including semi-exclusive and exclusive mortgage products from specialist lenders. We specialise in Secured loans. Buy-to Let, Commercial loans & Mortgages, Bridging finance and Development loans. GPS Financial service experts in obtaining commercial mortgages and loans secured against various types of UK commercial /Residential properties. We provide commercial mortgages for most property types.

We understand that you or your client will need a quality and interactive service that is efficient and effective, so that is exactly what we aim to provide!

  • We aim to process your client’s case in the quickest possible time frame and to provide the best deal available that the applicant’s circumstances allow.
  • We adhere to the principles of Treating Customers Fairly at all times.
  • We process mortgage applications, on behalf of other mortgage brokers, for submission to lenders.
  • We are also able to negotiate exclusive mortgage deals with lenders that are not available directly to individual and smaller brokers, such as reduced interest rates or free property solutions.
  • GPS Finance is a member of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB).

Why Choose Us


G – Great Support through out.


P – Peace of mind : Weekly updates & summaries.


S – Sourcing made easy

Helping you meet the complex needs of your clients.

Make life simpler for you & everything that’s unique service you can expect from us.

Quality comes as standard.

Innovative products to fit individual circumstances.

Creating new income opportunities for you & supporting you at every step.

Quick & Easy submission of your clients application.