Client gets his dream investment property with help from us


Client gets his dream investment property with help from us


The client

Mr.Rupert Anthony is a first time client with GPS Finance. It is usually a dream for many to invest in their dream property. So when Mr.Anthony approached us for guidance to go about purchasing a property for investment, we were only eager to lend our expertise.

The problem

Investing in a property is considered a fool-proof way to multiply wealth during the course of a few years. The wait may be long, but rewarding as well. The client approached us with already having set his eyes on a hot property that he wanted to invest in. The said investment would strengthen his financial portfolio and would reward him with great returns down the line.

However, the funds for the purchase of the property had to be raised under a short span of time. Not being able to raise this huge fund would not only mean that the client loses on a opportunity for a great property investment at a great location, but also that he would probably miss on the returns that the property promised in the future.

So our challenge was to find the best solution and financial strategy that the client should take in order to secure the property. We were also faced with the task of coming up with a financial solution in a quick span of time, or else there was a greater possibility of the property being bought by competition buyers.

How we solved it

At GPS Finance, we love a challenge. The first thing we did was study the client situation in detail. This gave us a perspective on how the solution should be crafted for this particular scenario and that which would benefit the client in the long run. Our team of experts sat down to analyse, examine and come up with possible solutions that can work. With our thorough understanding of the financial market combined with property finance knowledge, we were able to crack the problem to a simpler and efficient solution.

We suggested the client to raise funds on the existing property that he owned. A combination of second charge loan and buy-to-let loan worked splendidly for the client with great results. The client was able to purchase the investment property of his dreams and set forth a journey of wealth multiplication.

The GPS edge

Being the leaders in the financial services market, GPS Finance was able to provide with the best financial solutions and the best deal available in the market. No matter how perplexing the scenario maybe, we ensure that the client’s problem is solved, smooth and fuss free.

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